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Monochrome Colour Block Jacket

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Product code: 02C03
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Classic little jacket with hints of 60's styling Collarless ponte jersey with saddle stitch-detail and chunky buttons, this is a smart way to break up a tall frame Wear with matching dress to complete the look Style note: This elegant tall jacket will make a versatile addition to your day-to-night portfolio - wear it with matching dress or swap with jeans and heels after hours.

Fit & Care

52cm (20.5")
Sleeve length:
68cm (27")
Shell: 76% Viscose, 20% Polyamide, 4% Elastane. Lining: 100% Polyester.

Washing Instruction:
Dry Clean only.

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Reviews (2)

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  • Fit: true to size
  • Quality:
  • Value:

    Poor quality

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    This jacket looks lovely and fits perfectly but the black runs into the white. the first time i wore this it was spitting with rain. i then went into a meeting and the black was coming off the jacket onto the paper i was writing on. i then got it dry cleaned and the jacket is ruined. i will be returning the item


    • Fit: large
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    I purchased the dress at full price and later purchased the jacket on sale. i received many compliments on the color and length as i wore this outfit today at a funeral. my husband noticed my issue with the dress. my issued is that i have hips and the size 10 worked for the lower portion of my body but my chest area is smaller and i should have purchased a size 8 jacket. i will have the top of the dress altered and i'm reordering the jacket in the smaller size. i appreciate the sale price!