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Colour Block Coat

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Product code: 10D08
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This fashionable color block coat oozes style. The classic cut is tailor-made for tall, with signature trench coat styling, detachable belt and 2 front pockets.
Style note:
A sophisticated staple in a wearable, neutral palette. The bold panelling and trench-inspired styling are both striking and super flattering, drawing the eye down and showcasing a sleeker silhouette.

Fit & Care

115cm (45.5")
Sleeve Length:
70cm (27.5")
89% Polyester, 9% Viscose, 2% Elastane. Lining: 100% Polyester.

Washing Instruction:
Dry clean only.

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Reviews (6)

Overall Rating: { 6 Reviews | write a review }

  • Fit: true to size
  • Quality:
  • Value:

    Love it!

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    Great coat - absolutely nothing negative to say about it. love it! and a coat with sleeves that are long enough! wow!

    Lj would recommend this product to a friend.

    I love this coat

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    I have a reasonable collection of winter coats now and i have to say this is now my favourite. the quality of this is superb and the fit is just spot on. it just looks amazing when worn with long black boots. i couldn't recommend this coat more. and, the best thing about it is that i got mine in the sale, which makes me smile every time i put in on.

    Podley would recommend this product to a friend.

    I love this coat!

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    Wore it for the first time this week and got too many compliments! very classy and stylish looking. i guarantee i won't see anyone else in my small midwest town wearing it!

    Chaz would recommend this product to a friend.

    • Fit: large
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    I love it so much!!!les mâches sont longue!! Ça fait plaisir d'avoir un manteau élégant et à sa taille!!! je mesure 1m82 et il l'arrive aux genoux voir legerement en dessous et ce manteau tiens chaud!! i recommand this coat to every woman who wants to look great and feminine... thank you long tall sally!!

    Amy would recommend this product to a friend.

    Gorgeous coat, great quality

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    Just got my coat delivered and i absolutely love it. the material is of great quality (unlike other high street coats i have been trying) the colour block design is different, yet smart, classic and slimming. i am a busty girl and the cut is generous enough on the top half, which is great (no one likes a button-popping look!) and the price was excellent to boot. a brilliant buy. thanks long tall sally.

    Sema would recommend this product to a friend.

    Looks a whole lot different

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    Tried this coat on in london store and looks a lot different on, i wasnt keen until i saw it on myself in a mirror, lovely soft warm material, nice high collar and great fit with the side panels complimenting pear shaped bodies. i am a size 18 and it gave me a lovely curvy shape rather than just hanging from shoulders. only downside, need to try on as the armpits are cut a little tight,

    Cworsfold would recommend this product to a friend.