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Tiered Front Jersey Top

US $45.00 US $55.00

Product code: 05B02
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Super fine jersey in a classic crew neck with fashionable multi fabric raw edge tiers.
Style note:
This elegantly tiered long top is a sophisticated way to work this season's color-pop trend. Team with skinny jeans for a casually chic look.

Fit & Care

69cm (27")
Above the Elbow.
Sleeve length:
31cm (12")
Shell: 100% Viscose Trim: 100% Polyester.

Washing Instruction:
Hand wash only.

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Reviews (2)

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  • Fit: very small
  • Quality:
  • Value:

    Poor quality

    • Fit: true to size
    • Quality:
    • Value:

    When i received this, which i purchased at full price, it looked great on. i received many compliments. shortly thereafter i noticed all the layers began to unravel. i hadnt even washed it yet. i was very disappointed in the overall quality and no longer wore it . i am finding that lts quality is going downward, but prices certainly are not. i purchased clothes from tall girl years ago and their clothes were such great quality, they still look fabulous today.

    Sophisticated and easy to wear

      Lovely top. Cool, elegant, sophisicated. One of those I am not unhappy at having paid full price for when it is now less than half price in the sale.