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Miz Mooz 'Triumph' Heel

Product code: 16B885
Sorry, this product is sold out and is no longer available.


The contrast piping. The unique heel. The sleek shape. This modern take on the oxford doesn't just belong in a shoe store or your closet. It belongs in an art museum. Slip these on and walk around with a bit of high culture on your feet.

Fit, Fabric & Care

  • Lace-up heeled oxford
  • Leather upper
  • Contrast piping
  • Leather insole

These shoes run true. Order your usual size. Only use measurements as a LAST result.

  • Size 11 is 28.75cm x 10.5cm
  • Size 12 is 29cm x 10.5cm
  • Size 13 is 30cm x 10.5cm
  • Size 14 is 31cm x 10.5cm

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Reviews (23)

Overall Rating: { 23 Reviews | write a review }

      Love these Miz Mooz shoes so much!

        These shoes are beautiful. Leather lined too. I was able to walk around in them all day with no blisters on the first day. Wish there were more Miz Mooz shoes in size 13.

        Emster would recommend this product to a friend.

        Chic and comfortable shoes

          I love these shoes! I could not believe my eyes when I opened the shoe box... and when I tried them on, I was stunned! For the first time I am wearing a pair of shoe that does not make my feet look big. Miz Mooz, am sold! These shoes are chic, comfortable and durable. This is the first pair of shoe that I have worn and received compliments. Oh, and catching continuous looks from bystanders is priceless...Delivery service is great and on time!

          Sarah would recommend this product to a friend.

          An eye-catcher

            Have managed to get many comments about the shoes saying it's cute...especially with the blue lining. At 5'10, I don't like to wear too high a heel but I found this heel height just nice.

            Atinav would recommend this product to a friend.

            The best one!

              I'm quite tall so even 6 ��m is too much for me, but for this pair I'll make an exception))

              Super Cute!

                Everytime I have worn these shoes I have gotten complements. They are my first pair of heels and I'm not quite used to walking in them yet but They are pretty comfortable for about 3 hours. After that I need to switch to flats. I am 6'1 and the tiny heel on these doesnt make me feel too much taller at all which is a plus for me not because I would feel awkward but because I like to be able to walk through doorways without smacking my head. They are well made for the most part and they arent massivly wide like a lot of the shoes on this website. Nothing wrong with that since I guess a lot of big footed ladies have wide feet but I dont and it is nice not to be falling out of shoes that are supposed to be normal width and not wide sized."

                Stringbean would recommend this product to a friend.

                Should Stick with What I Know...

                  I normally wear a 13W or 14 depending on the brand...should have stuck with the 14 on these, which is what my other pair of Miz Mooz shoes are (though they're a touch long on me). I got the 13 in these based on the measurements and they are way too short to get on my foot. So, I'm sending them back to exchange. The brown is a nice, dark luggage color. The blue is more turquoise-y than blue but I like it. The heel looks to be low and walk-able. I could see me wearing this with slacks for sure...maybe the right skirt or dress but I'd need to play with them a bit more. Overall, quality looks great and I look forward to getting my replacements.

                  Mrs. B would recommend this product to a friend.

                  Oh well oh well

                    For reference, I wear a 12 if it's normal width (if it's a wider shoe I can go down a size or two).These in 12 PINCHED. I sized up to a 13, and while these were a more comfortable width, there was a solid 1-inch gap between the back of the shoe and the back of my heel. Sad, because these are very cute. One more thing that should probably be pointed out: with both pairs, there was some odd rippling of the leather along the body of the shoe, like it had been wrinkled and then smoothed out. Also, with the second pair, the dye was uneven and the color actually looked patchy/stripy. I understand this is part of the package when you get a leather shoe and that leather is a thing that varies, but for the price, I would expect a little more consistency. For what it's worth I ordered another pair of Miz Mooz in a 12 and they fit perfectly... so there's that.

                    I couldn't resist this bootie in RED

                      After wearing the Triumph in black,I knew I must have them in RED.The leather is soft,smooth and supple but the heel and sole are solid and durable.They look fantastic with rolled up jeans,shorts and skirts,With socks or without they feel great and look great.The leather takes a great shine.Thanks again BFT,fantastic shoes and service.

                      Angie the basketball forward would recommend this product to a friend.

                      Perfect Fit

                        They fit great. Perfect for work.

               would recommend this product to a friend.

                        So cute, so comfortable

                          The first time I wore this I got two little blisters, but that was simply due to breaking the shoes in. Very comfortable and look REALLY good with dresses.

                          miss D would recommend this product to a friend.

                          Tantalizing Triumph

                            I so love my Black & Red Triumphs.I knew I had to have this charmer in Chocolate Brown with the Blue Piping,As entirely expected, they look fabulous with everything from cut offs to a conservative suit to wear to an interview.Sturdy but Oh! so comfy.I look forward to getting the Navy Blue in the future.I keep thinking how fabulous these would look in Bright Yellow,Orange or even Pink.BFT Tess really does a great job in shoe selection for our generation.Keep them coming please

                            Angie the basket ball player would recommend this product to a friend.

                            The Triumph in RED,WOW!

                              Once I had my black Triumphs,I knew I must have the RED.The leather uppers so smooth and supple while the sole and heel are firm and durable.You can lounge in this shoe or jog a block to catch a friend.They are great with bare legs and shorts or rolled up jeans but equally attractive with skirts.This may be a retro style but BFT has brought it to the limelight.A real standout with similar or contrasting hosiery or tights. As always,BFT shipping was very timely.My only problem is can I resist the Triumph in brown and blue.If you are into shiny shoes the Triumph takes a great shine.

                              Angie,the basket ball forward would recommend this product to a friend.

                              More compliments than ANY OTHER SHOE

                                I've never gotten more compliments on a pair of shoes than I have on these shoes. I bought the brown ones with blue accents. LOVE THEM!!

                                Jen would recommend this product to a friend.

                                I Love This Shoe!

                                  I love this shoe because I work in a very conservative field and this shoe allows me to adapt to my conservative professional side, and will providing me the quirky style I crave in my personal life!

                                  ShoeMomma would recommend this product to a friend.

                                  Classic shoe

                                    Leather is supple and detailing gives them flair

                                    Bobbi would recommend this product to a friend.

                                    Beautiful Shoes

                                      Great style and comfort.

                                      Tia Mimi would recommend this product to a friend.

                                      A completely fabulous shoe

                                        This shoe is an eye catcher.Exciting to wear and see on your feet.I have worn them for three days in a row with shorts,skirts,jeans and slacks. They are so comfortable.Envious glances and compliments convince me I made a great choice and am making a fashion statement.I'm very grateful to Barefoot Tess for providing such great shoes im my size 14

                                        Angie the basketball forward would recommend this product to a friend.

                                        I adore these shoes!

                                          I've gotten so many compliments on these shoes! I find I've been looking for excuses to wear them. Grocery shopping? Check. Casual dinner with friends? Check.They're amazingly comfortable, even when walking and standing for several hours. They fit beautifully right out of the box and didn't require any breaking in. The fit is true to size and very close to the foot - I doubt anything thicker than stockings will work.

                                          Reminjo would recommend this product to a friend.

                                          adorable and comfy

                                            The shoes do run true to size but there is definitely no way I can wear even a thin cotton sock with these, only stockings. They don't pinch but I find there is no extra wiggle room. But I love these shoes and they will be in steady rotation in my shoe wardrobe.

                                            pirfle would recommend this product to a friend.

                                            too dowdy

                                              I was so excited to get these shoes, and so disappointed when they arrived. I thought they'd be a cute retro look, and instead they made me feel like I was a secretary with huge feet. The cut of the shoe isn't quite right, the front comes up too high to be attractive in our modern era. These shoes were ultra-comfy, so I'll be giving their brand another shot soon!

                                              wonderful shoe!

                                                I wear these Miz Mooz all the time. I wear the red as a neutral with everything. They are sexy and comfortable (and--though they don't *look* it, remarkably 'sturdy'). The heel is stylish and surprisingly (nicely) very stable. I do a lot of public speaking and so stand for long periods in work clothes. These shoes do the job. My size 13 fits perfectly in this shoe. I have had a lot of trouble with fit in size 13 from Barefoot Tess, with the toe or heel being to short, the shoe being too bulky or the arch too low. These fit beautifully and wear well. They boost even the simplest outfit. I feel great when I wear them. If they go on sale I'm getting all of the colors!

                                                allthelovelyshoes would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                Adorable Shoes

                                                  They're a really nice pair of shoes. I wear a lot of skirts and these go really well with them. They're not going to be worn much this winter at least outdoors because Canadian winters aren't kind to shoes at all.

                                                  Lafeth would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                  My favorite shoes!

                                                    I am trying to be less self-conscious about my size 13 feet, and these are honestly cute. They are my favorite pair of shoes ever.The quality is very good. The leather is nice and the sole is thick and well-made and solidly attached. They are super for winter weather because they don't slide around easily and they are also supportive/sturdy.I am sold on Miz Mooz!

                                                    Tall Tall-Baby Mama would recommend this product to a friend.