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Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Bootie

Product code: 16B812
Sorry, this product is sold out and is no longer available.


Leather booties in the 'it' shape of the season? It goes without saying that these wooden-heeled lace-ups are on every fashionista's wishlist from NYC to LA. Pair them with dark denim bell-bottoms or a shift dress and tights, and "OMG voile!" you've got yourself an 'it' look.

Fit, Fabric & Care

  • Platform bootie
  • Approximate heel height: 4-1/2" with 1-1/2" platform (comparable to a 3" heel)
  • Approximate boot shaft height: 4"
  • Leather upper
  • Synthetic lining
  • Rubber sole

These shoes run true. Order your usual size. Only use measurements as a LAST resort.
  • Size 11 is 28cm x 9cm
  • Size 12 is 28.5cm x 9cm
  • Size 13 is 29.5cm x 9cm
  • Size 14 is 30.5cm x 9cm

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Reviews (42)

Overall Rating: { 42 Reviews | write a review }

      Very Nice

        Most comfortable, wearable, lace-up high heel boots ever made!

        Jamie would recommend this product to a friend.

        No Pain, No Gain

          I love these shoes! However they're not so comfortable, they don't exactly hurt but there's a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet.

          Satara would recommend this product to a friend.

          These LITA Boots are awesome

            I was so excited to see these in a size 14. They fit perfect and are very easy to walk in and have received many compliments in just a couple of weeks of receiving them. They go with just about anything!!!

            Shantel would recommend this product to a friend.

            Love these shoes!

              I have been looking for a pair of litas for over a year and now i finally have them <3. I am a boy so its harder to get bigger size litas,but thank you Barefoot Tess for making my dream come true. They do fit true to size, if you are a half siza aka (10.5, or 9.5) i would order a size up instead of down. They shipped to Canada within 7 days, and they came really nicely packaged. When more styles of litas go on here, I am buying more! These shoes make me like 6.6 :)<3

              Rutger v. D. would recommend this product to a friend.

              I'm in love

                These are amazing! They are exactly as they look, completely fabulous! Don't forget how high they are before you order them. I'm a full 6'8 in them (which I love)! They are actually pretty comfortable and the style is beyond amazing.

                Bootsandcats would recommend this product to a friend.

                LOVE, LOVE , LOVE

                  I received this boot yesterday and was over the moon because they had a 13... I loved the boot but had to send it back because of the height of the heel my toes were pushed all the way to the end.. SO Im going to wait for a 14 to come available and go one size up.. I love this boot and Im devastated that I couldnt wear the 13.

                  Bosydva would recommend this product to a friend.

                  I'm in Love!

                    I finally got myself a pair of Litas and I was not disappointed. I'm definitely over 6 feet now in these bad boys and I'm thrilled about it. I would get another in a heart beat.

                    My Lovely Litas

                      I wore my lovely litas to church and out to the club. Although they are high, the platform balances the height out. I wish these shoes had a oval toe frame. It would give my feet a little more breathing room.

                      PLEASE GET THESE IN A TWELVE!

                        I have been looking for these shoes everywhere in a 12 and when you got them on BFT I screamed! But PLEASE get them in other sizes!

                        Other Sizes! would recommend this product to a friend.

                        Glistening Glamour -Towering Tantilizer

                          I couldn't wait to lace these on.I love to keep all my smooth leather shoes well shined but there was no need in these glistening booties.On the basketball court I'm surrounded by other tall players.At a party,I'm 6 foot 7 in my Litas but those around me are more impressed with the Litas than my height.Fortunately,my boy friend is 6 foot 8 inches tall.Barefoot Tess shipping was right on time.They never fail me in that regard.Match their selections with Jeffrey Campbell's styling and you have a sure winner every time.Lace up your JC Litas and see for yourself.They will compliment so many things in your wardrobe for so many occasions.They will definitely enhance your legs while making even size 14 look more diminutive.

                          Angie the basketball forward would recommend this product to a friend.

                          Hip very high and gorgeous!

                            I really enjoy wearing these boots. Lita boots are among a small group of high heels that can actually be worn comfortably for several hours, despite the provocative height of their beautiful wooden heels and leather covered platforms.

                            Jamie would recommend this product to a friend.

                            Super Trendy and Super Comfy!

                              I haven't worn them out yet, but these Jeffrey Campbell's were AMAZING when I tried them on. They were so comfortable (I have low arches so it's hard to find shoes that don't agitate it) and they didn't even feel that tall. I can't wait to wear them out!

                              Jas would recommend this product to a friend.

                              Please restock in Large sizes

                                I've been looking EVERYWHERE for these bad boys! You're unfortunately out of stock and NEED these babies! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

                                Island Honey would recommend this product to a friend.

                                Attractive Change to the Lita

                                  I use them to take long day and evening walks, several hours at a time in casual clothing in winter weather.

                                  Jamie would recommend this product to a friend.

                                  NEED BIGGER SIZE!

                                    These shoes are stunning but need them in a size 14!!

                                    Amazing .....

                                      I really had never ordered or owned a pair of high end" shoes before because my feet are just way too big for such things. However, when I made my very first purchase on BFT I wanted to make sure I got a shoe that I knew I normally would not be able to have. Well, the Lita was that shoe. I remember seeing the shoe on a girl about a year ago, but of course they were average size so when I saw them on BFT I jumped at the chance. I will definitely get another Lita in the near future!!!"

                                      MotownHerStorian would recommend this product to a friend.

                                      Very Cute Shoes!!!

                                        I LOVE THESE SHOES!! I FINALLY ordered the Litas after seeing them and wanting them but never seeing them in my size (13). When I saw BFT was getting them in, I rushed to buy them and I am so glad that I did! They are VERY comfortable. I could wear them all day and night and it would feel like I have on running shoes. I am already 6'1 so I didn't buy them for the height but I've never been shy to wear heels, no matter how high they are. As long as they're comfortable, cute and I can afford them, they usually end up in my closet :) I use these for all types of occasions except for business or very dressy outings. They are way too sexy/hot to wear for either :) I wear them with shorts, dresses, jeans, leggings, just about anything. They make amazing legs look even more amazing. I'm literally all legs and it helps to accentuate them even more. I can't think of one bad thing to say about this shoe. The height of the heel is high but it works with the shoe and the shoe is still very comfortable. I would recommend this shoe to anyone and everyone.

                                        Lola would recommend this product to a friend.

                                        W O W

                                          They are absolutely perfect, I ordered one size smaller than I usually use because I was afraid that you won't get another order in my own size, so I took the risk and it was so worth it!! I'm 6,2 feet tall with them and I love it ;) I really am not a small girl, I have never been and even though I kinda have always been proud of my height, I'm even more proud with these babies! Everyone has praised them a lot and a few friends of mine actually knew the Litas so they noticed them immediately. I would recommend them to everybody.

                                          passi on hedelma ;) would recommend this product to a friend.


                                            Can you PLEASE get more of the LITA boots by JC, i really need these in more colors!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!


                                              Finally recived these bad boys ! They look darker then the pic , haven't actually worn them out yet.. Got a size to big thinkin 12 wouldn't fit wish i stuck to 12 . Bought these for a wedding but shoes didn't arrive till 3weeks latah was very devo ! Although I paid for priority mail ! Also way taller then i thort lol overall i think I'm in love :)

                                              Frank would recommend this product to a friend.


                                                LOVE..LOVE..LOVE!!! These shoes are baaaaad!! Bought them in the Distressed Black, in a size 14...You don't understand how many compliments I received. Yes, when wearing them I am 6'6, but they look so nice on me! Makes my legs look great and everything. They are my new besties!

                                                Lilka would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                This Bootie Hypnotized Me

                                                  I check the BFT Web Site frequently.I was looking for a pair of lace up shoes or booties like my beloved Triumphs ( 3pair ).I came across the JC Litta and my first thought was,These are Ugly".On subsequent visits to the web,I became more and more entranced with the "Litta".I started looking at all the different views.Finally,I knew I had to have a pair.When they arrived on time as all my BFT orders do,I rushed to lace them on.With the high platform the heels aren't really that high.After modeling them for an hour,I ventured out to meet some friends.They found them as alluring as I had.They are fantastic with jeans from cut offs to rolled up at the ankles.They are also very fashionable with mid calf skirts.Don't hide them in anything too long as you want to show them to the world.These booties fashion the foot and do wonders for the legs.Another sure winner from BFT.Hopefully,BFT will come out with more of these great shoes for Spring."

                                                  Angie the basketball forward would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                  Walking the high life

                                                    The only issue I have with the shoe is that it was a little snug on my pinky toe. But I'm sure the leather will give a little and they'll be the best shoes ever!

                                                    Carlie would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                    Love them

                                                      They are Hot! worth every dollar!

                                                      Danii would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                      Not Good Quality

                                                        I purchased this shoe for going out, they were a littler tighter than expected and they were way too wide. They did not look good at all, so I returned them.

                                                        I would buy this product again and again

                                                          Very stylish and beautiful shoes ..! I look forward to the fall when I can wear it ..))))

                                                          Alyona would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                          JC Black LOVE THEM

                                                            So I really love my JC's they fit perfectly and I just love the package of the shoes was wonderful. These are some monster shoes definitely for us ladies with bigger shoe sizes having the platform and heel just be prepared to turn heads :)

                                                            Ms.K would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                            Love my Lita's

                                                              Love them. I wear 11 I'm men's and the 13's for perfectly. Can't wait to really go out and make a day of it. Very nice leather and well constructed. Looking for more colors and for the J.C. Damsels in big sizes.

                                                              John would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                              MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOES

                                                                These are the best, a little hard to walk in at first but you'll get used to them. Stylish and cute.

                                                                Longtallsally would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                love em

                                                                  I love these LITA's. I already have a pair and plan on having almost the whole collection. I am 5ft11 and wearing these make me about 6ft3ish. I love the attention and almost every girl compliments my shoes! Now barefootess needs to carry a wider variety!

                                                                  Marcy would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                  Love this shoe

                                                                    These shoes are wide and I'm happy b/c of my wide feet can fit into something stylish and not ugly and bulky.Finally i can have shoes just like my friends and show them off like they doCant wait to wear this to my friends party in a coupe of weeks. So happy that BFT got some stylish shoes on here to choose from.Please keep em coming

                                                                    Aneisha would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                    Comfortable Platform, felt like sneakers

                                                                      Shoes are not as polished as they look on the site.. originally got them to go with a dress.. ended up wearing tights and crop top because the black is dull.. overall very satisfied!

                                                                      Shopaholic would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                      What a great buy!!!

                                                                        I love these shoes . They are very comfortable ....... So many compliments ........ I wish I'd purchased both colors . You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep them coming BFT!!!!!

                                                                        JROCK would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                        Lita LOVE

                                                                          I LOVE these shoes and I'm so happy I was able to get another pair in my size!.... And with such a gorgeous finish, the oil slick material just gives them this amazing quality that looks different in every light. I found that they do run a little smaller than my Black Distressed Leather Litas but I found that this made them some how more comfortable than my other litas! Love LOVE love!

                                                                          Rhinestoned Dreams would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                          Perfect shoes and perfect service !

                                                                            These shoes are just perfect ! I've been waiting for them to be available, and now, thanks to barefoottess, they are mine !I ordered a size 14 at first,then I realized that it might be really too big for my feet, so I e-mailed the customer service and asked them to change my order for a 13 (unfortunately, they're still a bit too big and a bit wide (my feets are quite thin), but well, at least, they're comfortable ) They are really trendy, I'm just a bit scared that they might be a bit too vulgar on me :)I'm still searching for a good way to style them my way.

                                                                            Camille Sergeant would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                            DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!

                                                                              Perfect in every way! They are what they say they are, and quite comfy considering their 4+ inches tall! Have been dreaming of these forever, and in a size 13?! pinch me. easy to dance in etc etc yay hot dream shoes!!

                                                                              ALP would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                              So happy with these !

                                                                                I'm so, so happy with my purchase. They're even cuter in person ! These are not for the faint of heart. These shoes make me over 6ft tall, but I don't care.

                                                                                Angie Antimatter would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                                JC Lita Glitter. GLamorous and Glitzy""

                                                                                  These are my third pair of Litas.The black are for multi occasions.Silver for special occasions.The Glitter for super special occasions.The gold,copper,blue and pink glitter really stand out and come together with gold hosiery,iridescent blue and pink.Copper hard to find but I,m working on themOn my first venture out in the glitters I tried a gold mini skirt and iridescent blue top and jacket.Yes,I was Glitzy and very Avant Garde but received numerous compliments that were genuine from my party mates.Also,lots of questions about where do you find such FAB BootiesThanks again BFT.You never let me down.

                                                                                  Angie the Basket Ball Player would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                                  Need these in my life!!

                                                                                    Obsessed with these shoes!! I've only found them in the UK up to an 8 and I'm a 10...think that's a 13 or 14! Please get them in stock!!


                                                                                      I'm absolutely in LOVE. I've wanted these shoes FOREVER but was too afraid to buy them because of my wide feet. I usually wear a 12W and if a style isn't available in wide widths I size up to 13 or 14. I bought the size 13 because the width is the same from size 11-14, so there was no point sizing up to 14. The size 13 is PERFECT. There's enough room for my toes, and since the shoes can be loosened, width isn't really a problem. It's only a problem when you look at the shoes when they're on in certain angles. You can see that my wide feet stretch the shoe slightly above the platform. Otherwise, they look REALLY fabulous on. They are RIDICULOUSLY TALL. Even taller than I thought but they are definitely not super hard to walk in. BFT, please carry more colors and styles in the Litas. I want at least 2 more pairs.

                                                                                      Ra would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                                      Wish they fit!

                                                                                        I love!!!!!! these shoes! Unfortunately, I have a pretty wide foot, so I will have to size up from size 12 to get the comfort I need in this style of shoe. The leather is pretty firm, so it's not very forgiving. They're beautiful shoes, well-crafted, but a bit narrow if you have a wide foot. I will update this review once I have the size 13's.

                                                                                        StayDreaming would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                                                        Iridescents fit a half size small :(

                                                                                          I'm heart broken to find that the size 12 iridescent / oil slick litas fit half a size small. Their insoles measure just under 11.Now there aren't any 13s available for me to order in exchange :("

                                                                                          LeahB would recommend this product to a friend.