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Cydwoq 'Tomcat' Sandal

Product code: 16B694
Sorry, this product is sold out and is no longer available.


For those of you who love exploring caves, climbing ruins, living amongst an indigenous tribe, you know who you are, the adventurous type. These leather sandals exist to help you look cute while adventuring...which is tough, so good thing you found them.

Fit, Fabric & Care

  • Asymmetrical strap sandal
  • Ankle strap with button closure
  • Leather upper
  • Contoured footbed for comfort
  • Leather Sole

These shoes run true. Order your usual size. Only use measurements as a LAST resort.
  • Size 11 is 28.5cm x 11cm
  • Size 12 is 29cm x 11cm
  • Size 13 is 29.5cm x 12cm
  • Size 14 is 30cm x 12cm
  • Size 15 is 31cm x 12.5cm

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Reviews (4)

Overall Rating: { 4 Reviews | write a review }

      The best Cydwoq yet!

        This is the 3rd pair of Cydwoqs I've bought from BFT and I hesitated because of the other reviews and 'store credit only' status of these sandals. I'm so glad I bought them as all my Cydwoqs are great to wear but these are the best yet! They're really supportive and move with your foot as you walk without slopping about and because they're all leather I can wear them all day in the tropics without sticky feet. They fit like gloves and feel great on too. If the other colour were a size 12 I'd get them too and I hope this isn't the last of Cydwoq's range for BFT as large sizes can't be bought from Cydwoq direct!

        Bushells would recommend this product to a friend.

        Beautiful but small

          I've had great success with Cydwoqs in the past, but these sandals ran very small. The straps around the toe and ankle were very tight.

          UpperWest would recommend this product to a friend.

          confusingly small

            The fit is really strange on these. The toe loop was way too far down on the shoe, as if intended for a much shorter foot -- but then my toes had lots of room at the end of the shoe. I have long toes, so if these didn't fit me, I imagine others would have a pretty hard time. I also found the ankle strap a little tight, but I am guessing it would loosen up with time. The placement of the toe loop, however, can't be fixed. Really too bad, because the sandals are cute and otherwise comfy.

            Cydwoq runs small

              I was hoping the other reviewers maybe didn't know their true size... but I'm afraid I found their reviews to be accurate: Cydwoqs' sizing appears to run small. I could barely get my size 11 (measured regularly) feet into their size 11 shoe; the strap around my toe was not far enough out, and my toes still touched / overlapped a bit at the end of the shoe. IF these had fit, they are beautiful and quite well constructed, which is why I'd still recommend them. Just make sure you order at least a half to a full size larger than your norm.

              Rae would recommend this product to a friend.