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Camden Skinny Jeans

From US $59.00 US $85.00

Product code: 09C06 / 09C07 / 09C17 / 09C18 / 09C19
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Your favorite skinny is back for Spring in new washes and colours for a more up to date fashionable look. With 5 pocket western styling and stitching detail on back pocket.
Style note:
These trendy skinny jeans for tall women will flatter and slim your legs. Easy to wear with basic tunics and knits, team them with ballet pumps for an effortless casual look or dress them up with court shoes and a boyfriend blazer.


Fit & Care

Leg Shape:
91.5cm(36"), 96.5cm(38")
Low rise sits 6cm below the waist
83% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
Washing Instruction:
Machine washable.

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Reviews (4)

Overall Rating: { 4 Reviews | write a review }

      Got skinner or my knees have got fatter!

        I now have four pairs of these jeans, and I do agree with the other comments, there is always a slight variation in fit. Although I do love them, some are just that bit more comfortable than others. My latest pair are really tight around my knees and calf, but I am hoping they will give a bit!

        Why aren t the other Camdens like these?

          I ordered a pair of these jeans and I absolutley LOVE them. I ve tried to find another pair in a different denim wash, but all the others I ve tried (despite being called the same thing) fit completely differently. I found one set was too low rise and quite small on the sizing, and the other pair were far too baggy around the legs! I don t know why the other Camden skinny jeans are so different, but for me these are the best ones. Excellent fit on all areas (not often you say that about a pair of jeans!) and really nice soft denim. Looks like I m going to have to order a second pair in the same wash, but I m really not in to this coloured denim fad.

          not great

            I brought these jeans because i loved the colour! and i thought they looked like they might be a more trendy cut! Unfortunately they were not a great fit. I know that Long tall sally things normally come up big, but these were just weird. they were baggy around the knees. I went to one of the stores to try on the next size down, these were not great either, still funny around the knees. I am so sad about this ... it s stuch a struggle to find good fitting clothes for tall women!

            The best pair of jeans I have EVER had

              I bought these in black originally, but will be ordering them in blue and pink on pay day! I often struggle with having a small waist and curvy hips and bum but the rise and fit of these jeans is the best I have ever had from LTS or anywhere. They are comfortable, soft and look gorgeous!