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B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess 'Cheyenne' Sandal

Product code: 16B472
Sorry, this product is sold out and is no longer available.


Feathers are all the rage this season and none look more "on trend" than the Cheyenne from B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess, a sexy thong sandal, with a flat sole, and feather detail on the man-made vamp.

Fit, Fabric & Care

  • Feather sandal
  • PU upper
  • Side buckles
  • Feather and tassel detailing
  • 3/4" heel

These shoes run true. Order your usual size. Only use measurements as a LAST resort.
  • Size 11 is 27.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Size 12 is 28cm x 10cm
  • Size 13 is 29cm x 10cm
  • Size 14 is 30cm x 10.25cm
  • Size 15 is 31cm x 10.25cm

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Reviews (12)

Overall Rating: { 12 Reviews | write a review }

      Beautiful Shoe""

        These shoes are perfect for the new shorter ankle length pants and are very easy to walk in being that there is a zipper in the back as well as straps on the side. Very easy to adjust so that you don't have ankle burn where the zipper would rub the Achilles tendon. Too many feathers cover the actual beauty and design of the shoe. I did remove some of the feathers and got complimented even more on the shoes.

        gigi28570 would recommend this product to a friend.

        Cute Sandals

          I ordered these shoes and they arrived within just a few days. They looked just as cute in person as they did online. They were super comfy and fit well. My only issue with these shoes, which caused me to send them back to exchange for a different pair were the feathers. I loved the feathers, but when you put them on, the feathers hang out over your toes and over the end of the shoe. Then the ends of the feathers end up getting caught up and separated between your toes and it just doesn't look good. I loved the shoes just in looking at them, but they just didn't look good on because of the length of the feathers.

          Cheyenne Sandals in Red

            Poorly constructed product

            I will be purchasing another pair

              I will be purchasing my shoes from BFT for now on. I love the prices and style of shoes for ladies of large feet.

              Jessica would recommend this product to a friend.

     my shoes

                Everything's wonderful

                toy would recommend this product to a friend.


                  I had to get these, and am responding mostly to the other review here. First, I agree that they are just a fabulous pair of shoes. My feathers were the same on each foot, and I did NOT have a sticker on one, but if that happens (per the last review) I would call Barefoot Tess. I have been buying shoes from them for ages, and they have great customer service. I would definitely call to get a new pair. Sometimes, they dont even make you send them back, depending on where you live. Anyway, big FIVE STARS for this style. And and added benefit is that they make your feet look SMALLER. yay

                  lori would recommend this product to a friend.

                  LOVE THEM

                    I'm in love with these shoes, I have a pair in Tan already so buying the black was just for the pleasure of having them.

                    C.Simon would recommend this product to a friend.

                    So happy!

                      I never thought I'd be able to buy a shoe like this in a large size, so that alone puts me over the moon. These shoes are sizzling hot and you'll find tons of outfits to wear with them. A summer maxi or a little flirty skirt, tank and denim jacket and these shoes --- all eyes will be on you---or at least your feet! The cut of the shoe is just so attractive. I can't wait to wear them!

                      Cosmic girl would recommend this product to a friend.

                      Mixed emotions

                        The sandal is as cute as pictured. I haven't worn these sandals yet so I don't know if they will hold up. I will probably avoid wearing them on concrete. The things I don't like about the condition of the sandals are: the ostrich feather on one sandal is way bigger than the other and the leather 'fringes' are curled instead on laying flat as expected.

                        tallgirl would recommend this product to a friend.

                        ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SHOES

                          I love wearing sandals during the spring and summer. Because i have such large feet, NOT many places carry the size or width shoe I need. These sandals are perfect and comfortable. I wore them for the first time today, and although i'm getting use to the straps being higher up on my foot, I LOVE THEM!!!!!

                          Cynthia would recommend this product to a friend.

                          Feathers and design are super funky glam

                            Feathers was my attraction to this shoe. Then I was excited it was a gladiator with zipper! I really like the color of the feathers! Everything is great about the shoe, I will just make sure it doesn't rain when I wear them. I have a funky top that I will always wear them with. I'm so excited there is a Barefoot Tess shoe store to make my shoe dreams come true:)

                            petsmom would recommend this product to a friend.


                              These shoes are super cute! They're comfortable, and cool for Summer. They're funky in a way that I really like, eye-catching and unique.Two complaints: I could see the feathers easily getting dirty or torn, especially since the peacock feathers are LONG. I'm considering pulling them out, cutting them shorter and putting them back in. They are longer than my toes, which is saying something because I have super long feet! Secondly, both shoes have the same kind of feathers, a red fluffier one and a peacock feather, but the red one on the right shoe is long and strong and kind of protects the peacock feather, the red one on the left shoe is tiny - I'd really prefer if both shoes looked the same. There's a chance I could alter them by putting new feathers in, but I don't really want to buy new feathers for shoes I just purchased, quality control just could have been better getting a pair of matched shoes. But I understand not every shoe is inspected before they're boxed.These are SUPER cute, overall.

                              Sarah would recommend this product to a friend.