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B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess 'Brooklyn' Wedge Sneaker

US $65.00 US $124.00

Product code: 16B461
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The latest trend in 2013 is the wedge sneaker, and here at Barefoot Tess we've put our own unique spin on this style. Available in several color variations, this is the hottest shoe around. Velcro straps, a rubber sole, and a suede and leather upper make these sneakers super comfortable. Finally, shoes that you can wear all day and still look chic! Shoe runs long and wide. If in between sizes, order a size down


Fit, Fabric & Care

  • Wedge Sneaker
  • Velcro straps
  • 2.5 inch wedge
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather suede upper
  • Made in Brazil

These shoes run long and wide. If in between sizes, order a size down. Only use measurements as a LAST resort.
    • Size 11 is 29cm x 8.5cm
    • Size 12 is 29.5cm x 8.5cm
    • Size 13 is 30.5cm x 9cm
    • Size 14 is 31cm x 9cm
    • Size 15 is 31.5 x 9cm

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    Reviews (28)

    Overall Rating: { 28 Reviews | write a review }

    • Fit: very large

      Very wide shoe

      • Fit: very large

      I was very disappointed when I tried these shoes on. They were much too wide. It's sad because I really liked the style. I can never find these kinds of shoes in my size. I had to pay to ship them back. I wish LTS had free returns. I will no longer be ordering shoes if this is the case.

      Cute Shoes

        love this, havent worn them yet. looking for the perfect outfit

        cms would recommend this product to a friend.

        Nice Shoes

          I got them for free, and was kinda pleasantly surprised with them, because I wouldn't have considered purchasing them otherwise, becasue they're not really my style. I found them to be very comfortable and easy to wear with my casual outfits. Got a load of compliments on them too!

          Laura would recommend this product to a friend.

          Brooklyn Wedge Sneaker

            I love this sneaker. I ordered this sneaker the beginning of this year when they brought the Black one back in stock I was one of the first people to buy it. I was hunting this website down and looking everyday until they had them back in stock. I wanted the red and black ones too but they dont have them in a size 12. But I really do love the shoe. I have not wore them yet I am waiting for the perfect time to wear them. They are soo cute I just want to keep them clean and unworn lol But I will eventually wear them when I go out somewhere special & when the weather gets cooler, right now its summer time and its a little to hot to be wearing them right now. I would suggest this sneaker to anyone. Very stylish cute and you will get alot of compliments on them.

            Jade would recommend this product to a friend.

            2nd Review

              Ok,I reviewed this shoe upon receiving them and trying them on but I had not worn them yet. Today I wore them for the first time and although I felt they appeared bulky, they actually look GREAT on! Just so you know, I purchased the black on black. After much consideration, i chose this color because it would look the most chic and I was right. I think that the comments addressing poor quality and the shoe looking cheap are mostly in reference to the other colors. I really LOVE this shoe now and I would buy another monochormatic color like Olive, Red or Navy if they sold it. Thanks BFT! You really did do good!

              Supa Model would recommend this product to a friend.

              Chic and so very comfortable!!

                Love, love, love!!!!!!!

                Whimsical would recommend this product to a friend.

                I absolutely loooooooooove these shoes

                  I am so grateful to barefoottess for having shoes that are in style for our large sizes. They fit great and are not made cheaply!! Keep the stylish shoes coming!! You make them I will buy them!! I only wish the heel was a little higher!! Overall great buy!!

                  Jrock would recommend this product to a friend.

                  The fit was perfect.

                    I had been looking at them for several months and finally decided to give them a try.When they arrived on a Friday evening I pulled them out of the box kicked off the sneakers I was wearing and and put them on immediately. The fit was perfect and they were comfortable right out of the box.I wore them all weekend long and really enjoyed them.While they won't replace my regular sneakers they definitely will get lots of use as a casual wear shoe.

                    Phathack would recommend this product to a friend.

                    In Style and In Step...Teriffic Shoes!!!

                      I need a wide shoe so when my shoe arrived I had to order the next size up....

                      RaineyRain would recommend this product to a friend.

                      READ and HEED the reviews before buying!

                        My review is along the lines of Lola's. I ordered the black/white in my reg size. On arrival the white section of the shoes looked worn. I'm disappointed and doubt that I bought a NEW fresh pair. C'mon for $100+, I want to get my money's worth. (I suppose someone ordered them, wore 'em for a couple outings and then returned them for a refund.) Sad part about it is I can't even bleach it back to white because it's suede. Despite the cons, I've decided to keep them because I do find them comfortable and have received numerous compliments. As far as the bulkiness, I find that most sneaker wedges are; I kind of prefer it. The width though, heads up: might wanna get some insoles. Being that I'm 6'+, I wasn't sure if the wedge created a lifted look or not. Otherwise, an okay purchase. I just wish it came in more colors such as solid pink or metallic(silver/gold). Maybe then would I purchase another pair.

                        Cheeks would recommend this product to a friend.


                          Ok, first off the shoe is made very well. The style and colors are also great. I feel like the length is right on. I can wear a 13 but everytime a buy a 14 from BFT, i'm good! with that being said i purchased the 14. The length and width of the sole was perfect. It's considered wide due to the cut of the upper part of the shoe being incorrect. when i put the shoe on it looks amazing... then i take a step and it gaps/buckles making the shoe look sloppy and wide. BFT needs to rethink the cut of the upper part of the shoe (The ankle if fine though, don't mess with that part. I hope this makes sense. I really wanted to love the shoe but i just like it. Also, my feel are really wide.

                          Good value and on trend

                            While not top notch quality (it would be great if they had softer leather and the ability to draw the velcro tabs in tighter on my narrow foot) I think these are a great way to cheaply access the current trend for wedge sneakers. When they first came out of the box they reminded me a little of a ski boot (weight and size!) but the clever design makes them look a lot sleeker when worn. They are also surprisingly comfortable. I like that the white (on the black/white version) is more of a soft grey and they look really fantastic with dressy shorts - I was even complimented on them by my fashionista friend! Looking forward to wearing these in winter with black jeans as well. Thanks BFT!

                            KC would recommend this product to a friend.

                            Brooklyn rocks

                              I love these shoes! You can't get these trainer-wedges in a size bigger than a UK 8 anywhere in the UK and whilst the trend is not really that big here yet, I love the style and I now have the shoes. Happy happy happy!

                              Kossi would recommend this product to a friend.

                              I would buy this product again.

                                I like the style and comfort. It's a great shoe.

                                Tiny would recommend this product to a friend.

                                Looks better in pictures

                                  I bought these because I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a cute pair of wedge sneakers. When I came across these I was thrilled! So I placed my order for the black/white pair because that was my second choice to black and all black was out of stock. When the shoes came I was very disappointed :( They looked very bulky compared to what I saw online. And when you wear a 12-13, the last thing you want to do is make your foot look even bigger! They were too wide for me and my feet aren't narrow, I would say they are about a medium width. Also, the back, where your heel and the shoe meet, scrapes and is uncomfortable. The shoe also had a dusty" appearance almost like a worn look to them. I think the materials used were low quality. I had high hopes for this shoe and I had a million outfits in my head as to how I'd wear them but they had to go back. So I will continue on my search for the perfect sneaker wedge..."

                                  Not a good look

                                    This wedge was not at all what I thought it would be instead of a single unit its two parts. What should be a wedge tennis-shoe is a wedged sole-insert. I am very disappointed. The colors are faded they do not pop like the picture at all.

                                    Love these so comfortable and cute!

                                      These are awesome! I LOVE them, the heel is not too big and not to small, bft totally hit this one out of the park! They are super comfortable and easy to walk in and I just love the way they look on!

                                      Kandi would recommend this product to a friend.

                                      I love them!

                                        Great sneaker wedge. I would say that they run a bit wide because I have wide feet and they fit perfectly. On my first wear I could walk around with them for hours and did not have to worry about having to stretch them out like I usually do. The footbed is comfortable and provides a lot of arch support; it even has a removable insole that has a llittle wedge built into it. Overall, if they had it intaupe or grey I would have gotten another pair.

                                        JR would recommend this product to a friend.

                                        LOVE THEM!

                                          I am so excited about these shoes! I wore them out the first night I got them and they are soooooo comfy! For me the Fit Tip was spot on - I usually wear size 12, however bought an 11 and they are a perfect fit.I bought all black for the bootie look, I love them so much I will be looking at getting some ones in colour also! Thanks BFT!

                                          Jessie would recommend this product to a friend.

                                          Love Them!!!

                                            The warning that these shoes are imperfect should be removed. Mine came perfect.

                                            RaineyRain would recommend this product to a friend.

                                            RED COMBO IS COOL

                                              OK so i bought the first pair in Green in a size 12 which is my normal size ,and they were HUGE.One thing that I dont like about wide trendy shoes is the fact that they tend to lose form right around the area of the shoe where you need the most width.I dont need shoes that look like they are about to get stretch marks :-/.So I ordered a size down because I was determined to have this shoe and I LOVE them!I would opt for black but in my honest shopaholic opinion they are NOT worth as much as they are priced.Will I keep them?Yes....Blame it on the drug called..RETAIL.

                                              KEEKS would recommend this product to a friend.

                                              They Really Tried

                                                Ughh...Like many of the other reviewers, I was so excited to finally find these in my size, not to mention the attractive price. However, although it does give the size and width disclaimer, you can never be too sure until you try it for yourself. I am 6'1 and wear a size 12 all day...brand usually makes no difference at all, in my case! So, that's what I ordered! Now I've had the same feet all my life, so I feel pretty confident in rating them as normal wide feet. I mean they're size 12 feet, so they're not particularly narrow, but I can wear traditional 12M shoes. Additionally, this is not wide from weight either (Some often experience a larger or smaller foot with weight gain/loss.) With all of this in mind the shoes were incredible heavy, bulky, and wide. The wedge heel wasn't even noticeable, in my opinion. However, I do feel the construction of the shoe is of great quality and workmanship; often rare with larger size shoes. I liked that aspect of the shoe so much and commend BFT for finally being the one to step up and take on this trend for the fabulous big feet (and respectable budgets) of the world, that I ordered a size 11 and will try that out of size...pun intended...and will let you ladies know how that works out once I receive them.

                                                Not for narrow feet

                                                  I was so excited when Brooklyns arrived.Been waiting for wedge sneakers in my size. But! Sizing is totally off. Order down full size and girls if your feet are not wide then these are not for you. Overall I am dissapointed.



                                                    Daira would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                    Wide load

                                                      I put them on and walked in the mall for awhile and they were very comfortable. My problem was that they're too wide. They also felt a little too long

                                                      Pretty decent shoe

                                                        I received the shoe at a fairly quick rate. I was surprised that the box was so huge in comparison to the shoe. I was excited to put them on because I had heard so many great things and it was a style I haven't been able to find anywhere. The sizing is what I expected, a bit wide around the ankles but the shoe looked great. They are a bit heavy but totally worth it.

                                                        Carrie Bradshaw would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                        I loove theses shoes

                                                          I finally received my new pair of sneakers, I took the same shoe size and I am very comfortable with jeans. I only wish the heel would be a little higher, 4 inches or more. Thank you .. BFT

                                                          Krystelle would recommend this product to a friend.

                                                          Great shoe but........

                                                            I love the shoes but hate that I have to order them on a bigger size. I have issues with swelling in my left foot so that shoe is always snigger. Even with that, I love them and am happy I discovered this site!

                                                            Bbw diva extraordinaire would recommend this product to a friend.